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What to wear in 2014?

2014 is another New Year bringing new hopes and new expectations. This quite applied to the fashion circuit too with the current year offering several opportunities to the fashionistas to get out of their closet and walk with all the elan. For many people, another year brings to them another chance to reinvent themselves. The best way to make yourself look different and fresh is to give your wardrobe a little makeover of sorts. This is no denying the fact that the best way to get a new look is to get a new wardrobe. But to get started with this, you need to understand what is in vogue, what is high on streetwear and what is really not in the trend.

What’s hot and what’s not?

Before you get a new wardrobe, it is important that you re-visit your style and understand what will work this year and won’t. Hence, let us start will eliminating what will not work so that you can quickly un-clutter. Once you are done with that, have a look at what is in vogue this year and stylize your wardrobe accordingly.


What’s not: What’s hot:

1. Crops: The crop tops are a thing of past. Miley Cyrus and Rihanna did a wonderful job with the crops in 2013 but the trend is gone and forgotten. The 2014 trend is not cut it short but to bring on more. Less was trendy, the longer and more sophisticated dresses are the in thing this year.

1. Sheer: As mentioned above, sheer is definitely something you need in your wardrobe for this year. The peek-a-boo trend is all about tease rather than baring it all. The sheer panelling trend looks great with black ensembles and can instantly glamorize your plain-jane look!

2. Peplums: The peplums looked absolutely adorable in 2013 so much so that they were quite overused. You found peplums everywhere - tops, dresses, skirts and formal wear too. But, no more. The peplum look is now considered to be really so last year. Fashion experts all over are recommending to avoid peplums as much as you can to avoid being one in the many. Yes, you either keep them for some other time or if you have worn them a lot, get rid!

2. Wide-leg pants: While the skinny pants aren’t really out of trend this year, the wide-leg pants are offering quite a variation. These look good when teamed with dress shirts and are ideal for office wear too. Just be a little careful when picking these pants if you are a little short in which case, you should opt for leaner flares and high waists.

3. Cut-outs: Another fashion trend that ruled in 2013 was the cut-outs. These cut-outs were seen, again, everywhere - tops, dresses and jackets. The cut-outs are no longer trendy but what has replaced them are the sheer fabrics. So, if you really like some skin show, try some sheer panelling.

3. Accessorize: Accessories, the big ones, are quite in trend in 2014. Accessories can also create a focal point in your attire. Bring on those lavish neckpieces, bracelets and loop earrnings and team them up with your casual look for the extra oomph factor!









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